A Day at a Beirut Gym

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I need to get there. Can’t miss this one! Five hun­dred calo­ries to burn today! Then I need my mas­sage. I can’t miss that either since I already paid… COME ON!!

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Day thirty: Midnight

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Our last day in India begins with the final chap­ter of Midnight’s Children Book One, enti­tled Tick Tock. Like a mantra, the words ring in my head as the 12 a.m. hour of our depar­ture draws inex­orably close.

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Day twentynine: Sleep

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March brings with it my first day out­side the Ashram, with Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam cush­ion­ing my return to the real world. After 28 days of vedan­tic life per­fect­ly syn­chro­nized with the cal­en­dar dates of February, my month, the month of love, I’m now on bor­rowed time. 

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Day twentyeight: The way

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My last day at the Ashram start­ed with a silent morn­ing walk to the lake, fol­lowed by chai out­side Shiva Hall. At chai (I have mine with jag­gery), the raves for my emcee­ing last night con­tin­ued to pour in.

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Day twentyseven: Modesty

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Two more days to go and I already had to say good­bye to one more of my favorite peo­ple: Cora from Ireland of Subar Juicebar fame left this morn­ing to Varkala, right after sat­sang. Speaking of sat­sang, today I sat and I sang the Universal Prayer in very bro­ken Vietnamese with Bau and the Japanese group.

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Day twentysix: Freeday!

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Organized by Udayan, our free day took us to the Backwaters and Varkala Beach. Highlights include some very good fried fish for din­ner on the beach and Monica’s obser­va­tion that my face glowed and eyes shone the day I was initiated. 

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