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My father says “Mar­ry some­one you can live with, not one you can’t live without.”

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City on a Tight Europe

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On a recent trip to Zagreb, I asked a half-Croa­t­ian what she thought of her home­land’s immi­nent entry into the Euro­pean Union.

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Le Penseur

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Think for yourself.

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Open Letter

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Tell us not what to think, but why to think it. Tell us not what to feel, but who deserves it. Tell us not what to do, but how to do it. Tell us not what to want, but where to get it.

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The People Have Spoken

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A sin­gle voice shout­ed out. It shook a thir­ty-year-old rock until it fal­tered, quaked, and final­ly crumbled.

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Julie for Prime Minister

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The Top 10 Rea­sons my four-week-old niece Julie would make a great Lebanese Prime Min­is­ter are…

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