ARtoD Blurbs

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As I gear up to pub­lish­ing my nov­el A Road to Dam­as­cus, I spent a few min­utes this after­noon col­lect­ing blurbs from a few celebri­ties I’ve met over the years.

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Out of Context

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A scene from the nov­el A Road to Dam­as­cus gives a dis­tort­ed impres­sion of the pow­er struc­ture between the characters.

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The Inshalla Manifesto

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On the first day of Novem­ber, Mar­shall woke up feel­ing grand.

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Note to Self

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This isn’t my jour­nal so this isn’t an entry. Just a smat­ter­ing of ran­dom thoughts scrib­bled at a cafe. Merkaz to be exact. Dubai to be pre­cise. One month in.

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The Three-headed Meedo

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Mee­do has three heads.

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Set in con­tem­po­rary Beirut, A Road to Dam­as­cus is a faux-thriller about a reclu­sive botanist who wit­ness­es a polit­i­cal mur­der and is drawn into a per­son­al inves­ti­ga­tion. Read an excerpt from Mee­do’s upcom­ing novel.

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