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A lot has hap­pened this week and now it’s time to sort through it.

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The Art of Seeing

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It used to be that see­ing was an art. And cap­tur­ing an image required thought — not the intel­lec­tu­al kind as aca­d­e­mics and crit­ics would have us believe, but the intu­itive kind. It required us to see.

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Suspension of Disbelief

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A pro­found con­nec­tion between being and archi­tec­ture can be traced to Plato’s Cave, a metaphor­i­cal mod­el of man’s ascen­sion from igno­rance to enlightenment.

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A child sits at the doorstep of her house with a can of soap in her hand. She’s hap­py but bored, so she puts the can to her lips and blows.

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Harissa Overcast

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For Izabel­la’s last day in Beirut, Sam­sam and I took her to Harissa.

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Meedo Factorial

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This has been the longest I’ve gone with­out post­ing a new sto­ry. For the past 10 days I’ve been work­ing on (and off) my port­fo­lio and when I look back on pre­vi­ous work I get into a pen­sive mood. And when I think I don’t feel. And when I don’t feel I don’t write.

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