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My father says “Mar­ry some­one you can live with, not one you can’t live without.”

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No Shave November

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Novem­ber, 2011. The month my beard grew wild.

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I just moved into my new apartment.

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The Problem with Dubai

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A metrop­o­lis is a bound­less syn­the­sis of cities and vil­lages. It often begins life as a labyrinthine cas­tle town that evolves over time into a dense urban net­work that nev­er tru­ly reveals itself, flick­er­ing in a per­pet­u­al process of spon­ta­neous change that thrives on a high­ly errat­ic rit­u­al of destruc­tion and rebuilding.

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The Three-headed Meedo

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Mee­do has three heads.

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The Art of Seeing

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It used to be that see­ing was an art. And cap­tur­ing an image required thought — not the intel­lec­tu­al kind as aca­d­e­mics and crit­ics would have us believe, but the intu­itive kind. It required us to see.

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