Small Space

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I went out for the first time in Tokyo one cold November night. The air was filled with a spir­it of fes­tiv­i­ty and the smell of sake, and the Yamanote train was espe­cial­ly crowd­ed with busi­ness­men well ahead of my friends and I in alco­hol intake.

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City of Circles

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Early one Sunday morn­ing, I took the first train on the Yamanote loop that embraces cen­tral Tokyo. The ride from the night­club quar­ter of Shibuya to my home in Komagome nor­mal­ly took 20 min­utes. However, on the train my thoughts drift­ed back to the pre­vi­ous night as I slid into deep unin­ter­rupt­ed sleep.

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Budida is Ryan’s friend. They often play a game where Budida hides some­hwere in the house while Ryan and his mom Celia fol­low the sound of Budida’s hum­ming. Ryan always wins because only he can hear the song.

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I’m 34. I have expe­ri­ence, friends, and nice things. I’ve been to places and met peo­ple. And yet, I have achieved nothing.

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Moving Forward Standing Still

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Lollyno’s lat­est project is osten­si­bly called Moving Forward Standing Still, a pho­tog­ra­phy exhi­bi­tion set to the theme of tra­di­tion ver­sus modernity.

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Scream of a Butterfly

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The weeks pri­or to my trip to India, I col­lab­o­rat­ed with Layal El Ghazirie on her debut book صرخة فراشه (Scream of a Butterfly). In her col­lec­tion of 25 short sto­ries, para­bles, and anec­dotes, the promis­ing young Lebanese author writes about mar­riage from the point of view of a 21 year old girl liv­ing in a soci­ety that, when it comes to the issue, suf­fers a cri­sis of identity.

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