Do the Breast Self-Exam.

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On the occa­sion of the Breast Can­cer Aware­ness month, a group of stu­dents at the Amer­i­can Uni­ver­si­ty in Dubai pro­duced three short videos for Breast Can­cer Aware­ness day.

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A book, like a tree, must be pruned to grow.

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ARtoD Blurbs

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As I gear up to pub­lish­ing my nov­el A Road to Dam­as­cus, I spent a few min­utes this after­noon col­lect­ing blurbs from a few celebri­ties I’ve met over the years.

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The Agony of Choice

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The choice between Nikon and Canon was pota­to poh-tah-toh, but when it comes to the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D MkI­II, it’s more apples and oranges. Gro­cery idioms aside, here’s how I see it.

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Out of Context

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A scene from the nov­el A Road to Dam­as­cus gives a dis­tort­ed impres­sion of the pow­er struc­ture between the characters.

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Ambi­tion is a verb.

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