Day twentyone: Talent

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On our morn­ing walk up the hill, a per­son ahead of me tripped on a branch across the path. Seeing this, the per­son behind him avoid­ed the branch. I avoid­ed the branch too and warned the per­son behind me. She avoid­ed the branch too. Seeing this, the per­son behind her did the same. Looking back along the path, I could see sev­er­al peo­ple down the line each bob their heads up in turn as they avoid­ed the branch. However, soon enough I could see a new string of peo­ple again trip on the branch.

Susie formed the Lakshmi Dorm Choir and was a star at every Talent Show.

Sofia’s been writ­ing diaries since she was 10 and has a big box of them. She’s also read her mother’s diaries from the time she dat­ed her dad. Lots of fun with her, Galaad, Eric and the oth­ers rehears­ing on the grass for tonight’s Talent Show. I don’t have a musi­cal bone in my body, so I was there as spec­ta­tor, but I did man­age a few notes of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. We remem­bered Kurt Cobain.

Better to blow out that fade away.

– Final words from the sui­cide note of Nirvana vocal­ist Kurt Cobain.

I went to one-on-one coach­ing today and prac­ticed the head­stand a few times with Sadasiva. Turns out my right arm is stronger than my left (maybe the result of squash), but I’m real­ly get­ting there! Like every­thing else, it’s all about bal­ance. Meeting with Nataraj now (1:30 pm).

Janaki asks, “What does it mean to lead a spir­i­tu­al life?” She likes the ques­tion but didn’t like the answer she got from the per­son who asked it: “Either to reject every­thing or to accept every­thing.” For me, that’s the exact def­i­n­i­tion of fanati­cism.

Yesterday, an Irish man (scu­ba div­ing instruc­tor liv­ing in turkey) from my dorm bod me farewell with the words “Keep ask­ing those good ques­tions.” Today I learned that the shoul­der­stand is good for insom­nia.

Line of the Day:
There’s a thin line between genius and insan­i­ty” — Sofia.

Health Hut was fun. Exchanged jokes, gos­sip and yoga sto­ries with Dominic (Italian-American, for­mer stu­dent of Swami Vishnu-Devananda) and Ashley (the guy from the book inci­dent with Ananda).

Talent Show (co-MCed by Sofia) had lots of vari­ety and I was touched when Swami Mahadevananda gave one of the per­form­ers (Swahilya) a kiss on the fore­head for her beau­ti­ful Shivoham Shivoham.

Earlier today I spoke to Nataraj and Janaki about doing my mantra ini­ti­a­tion. Chosen deity: Saraswati.

Bedtime. Om, out.

Swahilya per­forms a beau­ti­ful ren­di­tion of Shivoham Shivoham.

Galaad, Swami Maha-Devananda and Kalyani watch the Talent Show.

This Russian girl sang a beau­ti­ful a cap­pel­la duet.

DAY TWENTYONE SNAPSHOTS • Click on each image for a larg­er view.

Snapshots tak­en on my phone.

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Therese November 21, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Dearest Janaki,I loved reading your lvoley piece about your life, and early life in the Satsang. It brought back so many memories: Spruce Street! That house contained one of my earliest and most beloved memories of Babaji. I have loved being your satsang sister, as we have shared all the joys and challenges of this life through the years. It has been a privilege to continue teaching with you as I make my annual sojourn to our little sister satsang . The joys continue to outweigh the challenges, and the challenges teach us lessons we might not learn any other way isn't it? For me, you have always been a beacon of calm strength and dedication through it all. Your steadfast devotion to our beloved guru and the teachings has been a real inspiration to me, truly. Wishing you every happiness, much love, and many blessings.bhavani


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