Day nineteen: Freeday!

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Day-trip to Kanyakumari, which I got as a birth­day gift from Corinne. Met some new peo­ple includ­ing Dominico (tour guide from Naples) and Sofia (musi­cian from Sweden). Got back to the Ashram at mid­night. Om, out.

Kerala is a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for school trips from neigh­bor­ing states.

We stopped at a tem­ple, but could only pho­to­graph the annex.

This anceint women qui­et­ly sat for alms out­side the tem­ple.

A col­or­ful pal­lette of tourists lined the exte­ri­or of the tem­ple.

Dhotis, tur­bans, and no shoes are com­mon sights among Keralan work­ers

At restau­rants, toi­lets are often sep­a­rate from the main hall.

Those sil­very things are tiny fish dry­ing in the sun.

To Corinne’s immense joy, we stopped at a beach on the way.

That’s me and Corinne reflect­ed in Cora’s glass­es.

Dominico does a head­stand.

Corinne chan­nels Gala Dali’.

Reminds me of Belinda Carlisle.

Kat’s smile is clas­sic.

February weath­er is love­ly in Kerala

Cora has a juice bar back in Dublin.

I get off the bus.

The two oth­er lan­guages are Hindi and Sanskrit (I think).

We stopped at Vivekananda Ashram for lunch.

Unlike Sivananda, Vivekananda din­ing hall had bench­es and tables.

The food at Vivekananda ashram was super spicy.

This is the first shot I took of Sofia, five min­utes after we met.

Sofia’s Om tat­too by Heidi Hay is one of my favorites.

Outside Vivekananda Ashram, we exchange veni, vidi, vici sto­ries.

We took a boat to the Kanyakumari Monument

There was a long line for the fer­ry.

I shot this actress paparaz­zo style with my 30 year-old 200mm lens.

Thich Nhat Hanh breathes as we wait for the fer­ry.

Sofia and this guy on the fer­ry have the exact same hair col­or.

All cir­cu­la­tion in Hindu tem­ples must be in a clock­wise direc­tion.

I was too lazy to go inside.

Kanyakumari is the south­ern­most tip of India.

I don’t know what that bun­ny was doing to that poor trash­can.

The after­noon sun caress­es Sofia’s face as she waits for the return fer­ry.

Sofia’s Mona Lisa smile is one of the rea­sons we became friends.

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