Day fifteen: Raja

Satsang this morn­ing includ­ed ten min­utes of med­i­ta­tion fol­lowed by chant­i­ng then an Om for the two new pro­grams start­ing today. Prasad was very good.

My sadness/contentment con­tin­ues through yoga class (joint class beginner/intermediate today). I’m get­ting clos­er to doing the head­stand and the oth­er asanas that I found challenging.

Sad but content.

Where oh where is Corinne this morn­ing? She just showed up. Her back hurts so she’s skip­ping class.

Favorite moment of the day:

Om Meedo!” Then when we were already face to face at the counter: “Om Meedo!” — Tsering serv­ing juice at the Health Hut.

During teatime (yum­my pineap­ple!) out­side Shiva Hall, Nami (a Japanese girl who was TTC and is now ATTC) skips over to me. “ねね、英語を教えて! Ne, ne, eigo wo oshi­ete!” She pulls out her text­book and asks for my help with a page­ful of Anatomy jar­gon! We have a laugh (she teach­es at a cram school in Thailand where she’s been liv­ing for 8 years, and is a very cheer­ful per­son). She reads the tat­too on my shin: “Zatto whic­chi doz­zo not­to kiru me…” Cute!

Today’s yoga lec­ture with Janaki on the rooftop — love­ly breeze, amaz­ing view!

Raja Yoga

  1. Yama — restraints (pre­vent­ing bad seeds)
  2. Niyama — obser­vances (plant­i­ng good seeds)
  3. Asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Pratyahara — sak­shi bhav (wit­ness state)
  6. Dharma — concentration
  7. Dhyana — meditation
  8. Samadhi — super­con­scious state (also achieved dur­ing sleep)

Getting bet­ter at my asanas — slow­ly. I can now hold the crow and half head­stand for a few sec­onds each. I just need to find my balance.

I caught a glimpse of Tsering over my right shoul­der dur­ing the half spinal twist. What flex­i­bil­i­ty. What grace. Poetry.

Had 4 (four!) cha­p­atis at din­ner. Oh Shiva, I’m so full! :)

Meditated for 30 min­utes at evening sat­sang. Felt won­der­ful. Om, out.

DAY FIFTEEN SNAPSHOTS • Click on each image for a larg­er view. 

Snapshots tak­en on my phone.

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