Day ten: Marmite

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Head­stand Day (!) start­ed with a thir­ty-minute med­i­ta­tion ses­sion (yes!), which was relax­ing but did not go as deep under as yes­ter­day. Then was yoga class. I offered myself up as a guinea pig to demon­strate the head­stand and I did it (!) with sup­port (lit­er­al­ly) from the instruc­tor. Next step is to per­fect the stance. My plow is much bet­ter, but my crow and bridge are still very blah. I should work on my bal­ance.

Weird. Right now at the Health Hut Chrissy asked a girl at the next table for a spoon­ful of mar­mite, and she wouldn’t give it to her, even after Chrissy offered to give the girl her own full jar (which she for­got in her room) when she leaves in two days! Oh well, I guess some peo­ple are immune to good kar­ma.

Chrissy (want­i­ng, need­ing, crav­ing) ran back all the way to her room to get her mar­mite.

Marmite reveals the dark under­bel­ly of the ashram.

10:20 p.m., ten min­utes from lights out at my dorm. All show­ered and ready for my White Tiger under the Energizer book-light I got from Qatar Airport on my way here. I must be quick.

This evening’s silent walk to the lake was a good work­out to burn all the fruit fiber I’ve been ingest­ing (Corinne and I chose to do only fruit again today). Highlight was a Spanish guy effi­cient­ly dead­pan­ning “Silent! Walk!” to some­one who was being loud. Well done. :)

At the lake­side I was over­come by tremen­dous sad­ness as a girl chant­ed beau­ti­ful­ly… but it passed. On the way back Esta sug­gest­ed we work on Dutch mag­a­zine arti­cles togeth­er.

I trans­late the Universal Prayer, which we chant every morn­ing in a dif­fer­ent lan­guage.

New peo­ple I’ve met:

  • Group of Japanese TTC stu­dents (I told one of them not to buy house­hold items from the bou­tique — too expen­sive — but had to do it in Japanese because Ananda was with­in earshot). Nami, who lives in Thailand, was par­tic­u­lar­ly moved when she heard me speak her lan­guage (えっなんで日本語を話せるの?).
  • Miyoko from Setagaya, Tokyo.
  • Mac, a musi­cian from Sweden, who played gui­tar at the tal­ent show a cou­ple of nights ago. He sug­gest­ed we keep in touch and pos­si­bly col­lab­o­rate on his band’s first music video. He’s per­form­ing in Nashville next month.
  • Polly from the UK, ex-jour­nal­ist for the BBC.

Another Ayurvedic lec­ture today with the main hon­cho doc­tor may have been in Hindi because we under­stood almost noth­ing until one brave girl com­plained and the doc­tor spoke slow­er and clear­er.

Other peo­ple I’ve met include Anne (a Law pro­fes­sor at NYU) and Catherine (who does com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice in London). All very nice peo­ple. So far the only two I don’t like are the mar­mite-o-phile and the sush-lady — all she does is shush me and Corinne dur­ing yoga class.

So the head­stand, crow, bridge, and bow remain chal­lenges to over­come.

Lights out. Om out.

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