Day five: Freeday!

Fruit sell­er on Light­house Beach in Kovalam is qui­et for a change.

“Trav­el­ing is like toi­let paper: The clos­er you get to the end the quick­er it runs out.” — Chris­sy after her friend Vanina.

What was in a sense my busiest day so far is the day I have the least to write about and is also the day I took the most pic­tures. Few­er words, more images. Trivan­drum and Kovalam by rick­shaw, an Om tat­too on the inner right ankle, rit­u­al prayer (puja) to the Divine Moth­er, and I wore local cloth­ing — a nice change from my dai­ly cos­tume of white T‑shirt.

Our rick­shaw dri­ver took us for some cheap, tasty, spicy break­fast on the way to town.

A fam­i­ly at the beach park­ing lot avoid the camera.

Corinne and Lily care­ful­ly choose our first non-ashram lunch.

A tourist takes Lone­ly Plan­et’s advice to sun­bathe conservatively. 

Corin­ne’s favorite young man strikes a pose.

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