Day four: Meedoguru

Lumi­nous (and cam­era shy) Tser­ing stud­ies for her TTC exam.

“I was killed in the Tibetan War.” — Tsering.

Today I faced my biggest fear — no, not the head­stand, that is yet to come — but rather using the shared facil­i­ties. That was strange­ly appro­pri­ate because today focused on Ayurve­da: I booked a mas­sage, there was a lec­ture by the Ayurvedic doc­tor and I might even do the leech ther­a­py (we’ll see). Appar­ent­ly my con­sti­tu­tion is Kapha (like all the swamis! Sami­ra call­ing me “Mee­dogu­ru” was spot on. :) )

I met John and Susan from Lon­don, a retired cou­ple who want to vis­it Lebanon in their trail­er. I also met Tser­ing Lhamo (lit­er­al­ly Long-life Angel), who was res­ur­rect­ed as her own grand­daugh­ter. (She just passed by me while I’m writ­ing this in the Grand Hall. She says my name Moody “Hi Moody!”)

Sat­sang today fea­tured a dance per­for­mance dur­ing which I took pho­tos and met Kim (restau­rant man­ag­er from L.A.) and Alis­tair (he’s orga­niz­ing a tal­ent show at the Ashram which I might show some of my pho­tos at) and Kathryn (both of who are from Aus­tralia). Still haven’t decid­ed what to do tomor­row for our day off — prob­a­bly go to the ani­mal sanctuary.

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