Feeling Sketchy

I spent most of the day on my iPad try­ing to get some work done. I half suc­ceed­ed (what the heck I’m in a glass-half-full mood today) and for the oth­er half I played chess (try­ing to get my Elo rat­ing up!) and sketched.

Yes, like all toys Apple’s “mag­i­cal device” offers lots of oppor­tu­ni­ties to pro­cras­ti­nate and one of the many ways to do so is fin­ger-paint­ing. I got every draw­ing app there is and went a lit­tle sketch-crazy try­ing them all out.

I like some of the pieces I did, but will sleep on them (not lit­er­al­ly) before decid­ing whether they’re the start of some­thing worth­while or just doodles.

Depart • Dig­i­tal ink, 2010.

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