An Experiment

Flash­lights, sweater, dis­pos­able camera.

I don’t know what the dic­tio­nary def­i­n­i­tion of an exper­i­ment is, but mine is to toss in a few con­stants with one or two vari­ables, and observe the (unpre­dictable) results. With that in mind, Souly and I set out this evening to shoot aban­doned hous­es in the Geitawi dis­trict of Achrafieh.

This exper­i­ment is the first in a series called Dis­pos­able. The con­stants were two flash­lights, a white sweater (which dou­bled as a light reflec­tor or dif­fuser) and a dis­pos­able camera.

The vari­able was light itself (or the lack there­of). Since dis­pos­able cam­eras are pri­mar­i­ly designed for day­time touris­tic pho­tog­ra­phy (for you techies out there, that means ISO 400–800 film, fixed wide angle lens, medi­um aper­ture of around f/5.6, focus range of 4 feet to infin­i­ty) using them any­where out­side these ide­al con­di­tions would yield unpre­dictable results…

… which we will observe tomor­row.

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