A piece of chalk to fol­low the con­tours of what is not, or is no longer, or is not yet. — Chris Marker.

I shoot a roll of film, devel­op it, dis­play some prints on my wall, file away oth­ers in a draw­er, and throw away the rest. I live moments, they leave traces in my mind, I share some of them, keep oth­ers to myself, and for­get the rest.

A pho­to­graph is a dis­pos­able mem­o­ry neat­ly con­tained in a frame. It is a win­dow into a present that’s thrown instant­ly into the past tense when the shut­ter is released, yet some­how pre­served in its present state. It remains intact while the pho­tog­ra­ph­er and every­thing — the peo­ple, places, and thoughts — cap­tured by the pho­to­graph itself change.

27 pho­tographs. Some to be shared, oth­ers filed away, and the rest dis­card­ed. But all disposable.

This is the first in a series of exper­i­ments using dis­pos­able film cam­eras. It will be under­tak­en as part of this week’s Mosa­ic Pho­to­blog­ger Chal­lenge.

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