The Craft of Cinematography

This is a class work­shop from the Craft of Cinematography, where my stu­dents adapt­ed a scene from the Silver Linings Playbook screen­play (David O. Russell, 2012). They cre­at­ed a shotlist and light­ing plan from scratch with­out ref­er­ence to the orig­i­nal movie.

From the course syllabus:

The course advances a fun­da­men­tal under­stand­ing of com­po­si­tion as a sto­ry­telling act, rather than sim­ply an aes­thet­ic one. It then com­bines that with light­ing to build char­ac­ter and cre­ate mood. Throughout, prop­er set pro­to­col and crew dynam­ics are prac­ticed and instilled as the third learn­ing outcome.

The Craft of Cinematography was taught dur­ing Spring 2013 to select­ed stu­dents from the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University in Dubai.

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