City of Gaps

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On a sun­ny day in Tokyo, what­ev­er the sea­son, a strange phe­nom­e­non can reg­u­lar­ly be observed: for a moment a streak of light will pierce into a street which has been shroud­ed all day in the shad­ows of dense­ly-packed build­ings.

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We’ve been brain­storm­ing for sev­er­al months now. On and off, then back on again, some­times in for­mal meet­ings, but most­ly in between things.

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Walk Don’t Walk

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This is the sto­ry of a man who dreams of walk­ing in a gar­den. He lives in the city and his entire world is a col­lage of trains, bus­es and sub­ways.

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One Year Older, Ten Years Wiser

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Next week we cel­e­brate Souly’s birth­day. Many take New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day to rem­i­nisce and make res­o­lu­tions. For me, the fact that the Earth has com­plet­ed one more rev­o­lu­tion around the sun, that a wise man was born 2000 years ago, or that some choco­late com­pa­nies want to make mon­ey means very lit­tle to me.

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I’m 34. I have expe­ri­ence, friends, and nice things. I’ve been to places and met peo­ple. And yet, I have achieved noth­ing.

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Why I Love Kanji

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While my Japanese flu­en­cy was increas­ing almost by the hour, I stub­born­ly refused to do my kan­ji home­work. And in the kan­ji sec­tions of my exams, I’d just draw smi­leys and oth­er doo­dles in the blanks where the let­ters were sup­posed to go. However, all that changed when I dis­cov­ered the secret.

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