A Road to Damascus

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Set in con­tem­po­rary Beirut, A Road to Dam­as­cus is a faux-thriller about a reclu­sive botanist who wit­ness­es a polit­i­cal mur­der and is drawn into a per­son­al inves­ti­ga­tion. Read the first chap­ter of Mee­do’s upcom­ing novel.

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A Novel Idea

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Novem­ber is Nation­al Nov­el Writ­ing Month, or NaNoW­riMo for short. Start­ing tomor­row, I put up my “Do Not Dis­turb” sign and for thir­ty days and nights retire to an undis­closed loca­tion with my nose to the grind­stone (and my fin­gers to the key­board) as I tap tap tap away 50,000 words worth of char­ac­ter devel­op­ment, plots, sub­plots, twists and turns that should coa­lesce into a novel.

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Sticky Note

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While hav­ing a one-sided argu­ment with my moth­er (she talked as I lis­tened and nod­ded) this after­noon about my lousy finan­cial man­age­ment, I came across this sticky note. 

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To Stop a Dream from Falling

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I dreamed of falling off a three-pas­sen­ger bicy­cle through a for­est of trees and land­ing on the roof deck of a Turk­ish library.

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A child sits at the doorstep of her house with a can of soap in her hand. She’s hap­py but bored, so she puts the can to her lips and blows.

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Flabbergasting Discoveries

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Good morn­ing and wel­come to our show. Today I have the dubi­ous hon­or of being your host for this tele­vi­sion project. This being non-nar­ra­tive, i.e. non-fic­tion, any­thing that I say here should be tak­en as the Truth, with a cap­i­tal T, and not some rel­a­tivis­tic, post­mod­ern half-assed ver­sion thereof.

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