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Set in con­tem­po­rary Beirut, A Road to Dam­as­cus is a faux-thriller about a reclu­sive botanist who wit­ness­es a polit­i­cal mur­der and is drawn into a per­son­al inves­ti­ga­tion. Read an excerpt from Mee­do’s upcom­ing novel.

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Suspension of Disbelief

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A pro­found con­nec­tion between being and archi­tec­ture can be traced to Plato’s Cave, a metaphor­i­cal mod­el of man’s ascen­sion from igno­rance to enlightenment.

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In Search of Jazz

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The set­ting is New Orleans, cir­ca 1880. A lone trum­pet play­er blows his horn on the side of a dirt road. But soon a fuller melody over­takes his and as it gets loud­er, a brass band appears around the cor­ner, play­ing a funer­al march as it trails behind a wood­en cas­ket. He falls in step with the pro­ces­sion, its line con­sist­ing of four oth­er men, and he plays along.

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What, me worry?

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Alfred E. Neu­man is the jug-eared mas­cot on the cov­er of Mad, my favorite mag­a­zine grow­ing up (and peo­ple accuse me of being an intel­lec­tu­al, so hah!). 

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Blog Out Loud

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Notes on Cre­at­ing a Per­son­al Blog with Loryne & Mee­do • Pre­sent­ed at the Blog­ging Lebanon Con­ven­tion, Decem­ber 2010.

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Kulluna lil watan

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It’s Inde­pen­dence Day, when Lebanese of all reli­gious, polit­i­cal, and ide­o­log­i­cal back­grounds sing the Nation­al Anthem. How­ev­er the dif­fer­ences arise when we’re asked what that means.

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