Soho Shoot

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After we wrapped the Vanes­sa shoot for Walk in Clos­et, Celia was hap­py. So I tucked my cam­era safe­ly into by back­pack and with that my vaca­tion began — or so I thought.

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Playground Love

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For the last three years of high­school, I was in love with a girl. I thought about her all the time, but I was woe­ful­ly shy and could­n’t bring myself to tell her. So I wrote her an anony­mous poem instead.

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One Light: Fashion on a Shoestring

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For the time being, I’m done with my India sto­ries. In the words of Mon­ty Python’s Fly­ing Cir­cus, now for some­thing com­plete­ly different.

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How to Train Your Dragon

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As I walked out of the cin­e­ma, some­one asked me why I thought How to Train Your Drag­on (2010) is ten times bet­ter than Avatar (which I reviewed here). I said because I don’t feel cheat­ed. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I can give a bet­ter answer. What the heck, I’ll give ten bet­ter answers.

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The Ghost Writer

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What­ev­er hap­pened to the Roman Polan­s­ki of such mind-blow­ing mas­ter­pieces as Repul­sion, Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown?

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What’s in a Brand Name?

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To design a brand, a lot of thought must go into its name. A rose by any oth­er name may smell as sweet, but I doubt many would want to smell it in the first place if it were named, say, “crap­bud.”

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