City of Circles

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Ear­ly one Sun­day morn­ing, I took the first train on the Yaman­ote loop that embraces cen­tral Tokyo. The ride from the night­club quar­ter of Shibuya to my home in Komagome nor­mal­ly took 20 min­utes. How­ev­er, on the train my thoughts drift­ed back to the pre­vi­ous night as I slid into deep unin­ter­rupt­ed sleep.

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Why I Love Kanji

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While my Japan­ese flu­en­cy was increas­ing almost by the hour, I stub­born­ly refused to do my kan­ji home­work. And in the kan­ji sec­tions of my exams, I’d just draw smi­leys and oth­er doo­dles in the blanks where the let­ters were sup­posed to go. How­ev­er, all that changed when I dis­cov­ered the secret.

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