Day four: Meedoguru

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Today I faced my biggest fear — no, not the head­stand, that is yet to come — but rather using the shared facilities.

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Day three: Faces

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I’ve start­ed get­ting used to the faces around me: There’s Mafi­dash (Corinne and I can’t remem­ber his name) from Maine, who has a huge beard and gave me a book. There’s Chris­sy from Toron­to, who got into a rick­shaw acci­dent on her way here and has ban­dages all over her face.

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Day two: Discipline

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Day Two brought with it a rebal­ance in my kar­ma as I made up for last night’s ditch by stick­ing pric­etags on CDs, how­ev­er my boss said my bad pen­man­ship is a sign that I’m prob­a­bly bad in bed. But that lit­tle diss from Anan­da was not my great­est wor­ry — that would be suc­cumb­ing to final­ly using the bath­room, which I’ve not done yet.

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Day one: Dreams

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Day one at the Ashram is actu­al­ly Day three since I lit­er­al­ly slept through yes­ter­day hav­ing arrived past mid­night the day before (phew!). I woke up from the most intense dream I’ve had yet of every­thing and every­one I came here to forget.

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