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Dear Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson.

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Turkish Delights

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Dur­ing a twelve-day vis­it to Istan­bul, I col­lect­ed snap­shots of my favorite peo­ple, places, and sights.

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A Tale of Two Istanbuls

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Here it is. A sto­ry I shot dur­ing 4 days in Istan­bul, city of dreams and visions, col­ors and spices, east and west.

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Dreams of Istanbul

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I dream of Istan­bul. Four days and nights I’ve lived and breathed the city. Its east and west, cap­i­tal­ism and social­ism, Asian­ness and Euro­pean­ness, beau­ty and ugliness.

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