July 2010

Flat Light

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On this shoot, the Art Director insist­ed we use on-cam­era flash.

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Turkish Delights

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During a twelve-day vis­it to Istanbul, I col­lect­ed snap­shots of my favorite peo­ple, places, and sights.

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Book Project

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As chil­dren grow­ing up in Beirut, our par­ents kept us indoors. So my father taught me Téléphone Cassé.

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Feeling Sketchy

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I spent most of the day on my iPad try­ing to get some work done. I half suc­ceed­ed (what the heck I’m in a glass-half-full mood today) and for the oth­er half I played chess (try­ing to get my Elo rat­ing up!) and sketched.

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Harissa Overcast

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For Izabella’s last day in Beirut, Samsam and I took her to Harissa.

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Izabella Hammoud

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My Swedish-Croatian-Brazilian pho­tog­ra­ph­er friend Izabella Demavlys and I decid­ed to spend our Sunday after­noon shoot­ing Bourj Hammoud.

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