May 2010


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When Psycho was released in 1960, it was crit­i­cized for twist­ing and bend­ing the con­ven­tions of the pre­ced­ing decades of cin­e­ma com­plete­ly out of shape. Then bit by bit it was revealed that direc­tor Alfred Hitchcock was cor­rect at every bend.

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We’ve been brain­storm­ing for sev­er­al months now. On and off, then back on again, some­times in for­mal meet­ings, but most­ly in between things.

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Hamra, where to?

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Take me back to Hamra Street. Not the strip of fran­chise restau­rants, or the avenue of glass-and-steel bou­tiques, or the boule­vard of fra­puc­ci­no joints, or the thor­ough­fare of parceled rub­ble piles.

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City of Now

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Beirut is a city of dif­fer­ence: 9 lay­ers of his­to­ry lie buried under 67 square kilo­me­ters on which tiny pock­ets of art-nou­veau archi­tec­ture squeeze into a mod­ern urban land­scape co-inhab­it­ed by 18 dif­fer­ent reli­gious sects in tac­it peace.

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Thomas Edison famous­ly claimed that suc­cess is 10 per­cent inspi­ra­tion and 90 per­cent per­spi­ra­tion. In that same spir­it, and for as long as I’ve known her, Farah Shaer has been one very busy bee.

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Mini Meedo

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In nine months, I will be an uncle. While Zena and Tarek read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I’m hard at work on my list of How To Spoil My Niece (or Nephew) Silly.

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